We aim to analyze the impact of our business inside and outside of our premises

We envisage our customer’s progress with our products as a necessary part of their sustainable and competitive success.  It’s our job to create influence in the sectors we are present, stimulated by sustainable business and solid SAMCA investment, delivering the expertise and reliability in product performance which strengthen our customer’s belief in NUREL.

1. Environmental sustainability At all stages of our product life cycle we strive to use resources efficiently, favor the use of sustainably-managed resources and target zero waste.

2. Innovation We constantly encourage R&D activities by a continuous reinvestment of the generated revenue and by collaborating with Universities and Research Centers.

3. Excellence Is about doing the best we can and seeking excellence in all stages of our production cycle.


4. People Treating each other with respect and dignity, providing equal opportunities for our people and protecting their safety, are the fundamentals of our success.

5. Long term relationships based on trust We are increasingly convinced that open communication environments will promote innovation, creativity and mutual benefit.

Our three dimensions:
People and Community
R & D